Will you be my Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity, in essence, are neurons turning those first date jitters into long-lasting relationship connections! So won’t you be my neuroplasticity? Or...should we just say …..Valentine?

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Introducing a New Game for Vergence Training: Barnyard Bounce

Barnyard Bounce is the first of a series of planned game releases focused on vergence therapy. This is an early release that offers training of Base-In and Base-Out vergence abilities. An updated PDF copy of the Games Manual will be included in our next email notification.

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What have I been missing out on without depth perception?

Neuroscientist, Dr. Susan Barry, shares with us some of what she missed without the depth perception provided by stereopsis.

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Testimonial Tuesday - Betsy Yaros

I hope that more people try your software because it's amazing. The change is so quick. All of a sudden, it's like bam, I'm seeing in 3D!

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Vivid Vision v2.733 Hotfix

Minor patch released which fixes a bug and improves the web browsing experience.

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Ready, Set, Oculus GO!

To make the Vivid Vision Home experience even better, we’re launching support of the best all-in-one Virtual Reality headset on the market—Oculus Go!

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