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We're excited to announce our offer of 33% off purchases of 6 or more Vivid Vision Home licenses for the month of November! 
It’s easy to take advantage of this limited-time offer! Just add six or more same-type Home licenses to your shopping cart at our convenient online store to automatically get a 33% savings of six Vivid Vision Home licenses for the price of four!
There’s no better time to grow your practice—these offers expire at the end of the month! Call us today or go to our online store and get the most advanced vision therapy tools on the planet! 
Why try Vivid Vision Home?
If you haven’t been prescribing Vivid Vision Home, now is your chance! Designed to work seamlessly with Vivid Vision Clinical, Vivid Vision Home provides you with world-class vision therapy tools that you can configure remotely for your patient’s ongoing home treatment. 
  • Easy-to-use patient dashboard to enroll, manage, and monitor patients remotely
  • Provide continuity of care from the clinic to the home
  • Perfect for patients who are unable to make regular in-office visits
  • Easy and convenient setup
  • Increase compliance and complement in-office vision therapy
  • Free online training and support for your staff
You don’t need any new staff or inventory to grow your practice, and you’ll spend even less chair time with each patient than you do prescribing contact lenses!

“Vivid Vision Home allows me to help patients who otherwise -- due to schedules or distance -- are not able to benefit from vision therapy.” 
-John Stevenson, Stevenson Jones Optometrists

Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your practice—this offer expires at the end of November! Call us today or go to our online store to get the most advanced vision therapy tools on the planet! 
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