Address: 814 E Jackson St Ste A, Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-779-2525
Hours:Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Active Home Provider Certified Clinical Provider

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Vivid Vision is available by prescription at this location for in-office and at-home therapy. Contact them using the form below to schedule an appointment.

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Betsy Yaros
InSight Vision Therapy is a Vivid Vision Certified provider.
Keenan, Patient

"I would encourage anyone with a vision problem to try Vivid Vision. It’s absolutely 100 percent worth investigating to see if it will work for you."

Keenan Patient

We provide optometric services to patients with trouble using their eyes, brain and body together. We see patients of all ages for comprehensive eye examinations, vision-and-learning evaluations and vision therapy/ neuro-rehabilitation.

InSight Vision Therapy provides Vivid Vision Clinical to patients by prescription for in-office treatment. If the doctor determines it is appropriate for you, the clinic also prescribes Vivid Vision Home so you can do vision therapy in the comfort of your own house.