So how to prevent glaucoma?

In brief, I think of it like this. If the risks are minimized, the chances of getting glaucoma would be much less.

  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not drink too much alcohol.
  • Do not take too much medicine which can cause high pressure in the eye.
  • Avoid trauma and injury to your eyes.
  • Regular eye check ups.

Take the example of smoking. Those who smoke will develop more risks of glaucoma than those who do not smoke. To prevent more glaucoma cases, smoking should be minimized.

Glaucoma is caused by damage to the optic nerve. This nerve damage is caused by high intraocular pressure. Although the exact mechanism of how this is happening is unknown, lowering intraocular pressure by medication or surgery is a known way to slow or stop the progression of the disease.

However, the disease has already started by the time the damage is visible on the optic nerve, so even when treatment is provided the damage has already happened. This means that glaucoma cannot be prevented, only the progression of glaucoma can be prevented. What you could do is slow down the progression of the disease, which is done by treating the disease properly and keeping your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol under control. Lowering these levels will also help you maintain good cardiovascular health, which is vital to keeping your body functioning optimally.

Can glaucoma be completely cured?

No, as far as we know. Glaucoma is irreversible. Currently, there is no cure, We can minimize its development, we can take measures in cases of increased eye pressure. Usually, glaucoma is diagnosed in the later stages and no preventive measures are taken

Preventive Measures

Preventative measures include exercises and meditation. When diagnosed at an early stage, treatment with medicine is usually necessary.

How to prevent glaucoma from worsening?

  • Avoid a lack of sleep.
  • Avoid sudden changes in illumination (from bright to dim, or from dim to bright).
  • Avoid all stimulants and toxic substances, including alcohol.
  • Avoid situations that are stressful or tense, and always take a breather whenever necessary.
  • Avoid watching television or reading for long periods of time, as well as looking at small print.
  • Avoid low temperatures.
  • Avoid unbalanced, salty or acidic food.
  • Avoid long, seated or standing positions.

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