How does human vision work?

How does Virtual reality affect human vision?

Why is VR more effective with vision therapy than traditional methods?

What does the market look like for vision treatments? Who is the top dog in the field?

What are our biggest challenges?

What are our greatest strengths?

What is the road map for treatment for people?

How do we determine whether our treatment is right for some people?

How do we determine success? What does a succesful recovery look like?

amblyopia has nothing to do with how regular how vision works.

What does thalamus do?

Binocular rivalry?

Why is there suprresion? What is the purpose of it?

What are the root causes of amblyopia?

What is reverse amblyopia? We make every patient

Why does virtual reality work? (the idea of the critical period)

When presented with novel stimuli the brain learns to adapt. This is one of the mechanisms that can only be accomplished with virtual reality.

What is a neckered cube?

Is the Berkeley research available?

What is a gabora patch

What are the things we are finding out about VR through working on vision?

What is Accommodation?

What is Vergence?

Accomodation and convergence goes down in old people.

Check out the periodic table of Zernike Functions

Simulating human vision | Brian Barsky | TEDxPrague Watch video here

Zernike polynomials

Study of Zernike moments using analytical Zernike polynomials

Here is a series of TED Ed animations on the eyes and Vision:

The evolution of the human eye - Joshua Harvey

Eye vs. camera - Michael Mauser

Could a blind eye regenerate? - David Davila

A curable condition that causes blindness - Andrew Bastawrous

Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler

MIT's Visual System course has the research paper below as recommended reading:

The Schiller Lab at MIT

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