Treating Lazy Eye in Adults

It was long thought that treating amblyopia, the medical term for lazy-eye, after the "critical age" of 8-12 years old was not possible. Recent research has shown this is not the case. Though it is more difficult to treat adults, there is evidence that improvements in acuity, depth perception, and vergence ability are all possible through vision therapy, eye surgery, and visual perceptual training.

Susan R. Barry, a neuroscientist was the first person to have received widespread media attention for having acquired stereo vision in adulthood and attributes Dr. Brock, inventor of the Brock String and an important aspect of vision therapy and in her recovery of stereopsis. This discovery maintains the scientific conceptions with regard to the neuroplasticity of the visual system

We know through her remarkable improvements in stereo vision, the ability to make these neoplastic connections are attainable even through adulthood.


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