Dr. Alex Talaber from the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy clinic shares her experience treating patients with virtual reality vision therapy tools

"Vivid Vision has been really monumental for me and my patients with strabismus."

Welcome to the Vivid Vision Spotlights podcast! On this episode we are joined by Dr. Alex Talaber, a functional optometrists and vision researcher at the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Join us for a fascinating and insightful conversation on the cutting edge of vision therapy.

Show Notes

1:50 "There are 16 million people in the U.S without stereo vision."

2:50 Why is vision therapy not accessible to everyone in America?

4:41 Implementing Ocular movement training in schools can improve lives immensely.

6:40 How is technology changing the landscape for medical practitioners?

7:40 "How do we make vision therapy modern?"

9:40 What are the alternative paths to modernizing your VT practice in the 21st century.

13:00 Where are the limits of technology?

16:00 Life pro tips from Dr. Talaber for vision therapists and optometrists.

19:40 "Vivid Vision has been really monumental for me and my patients with strabismus."

21:20 What areas can Vivid Vision improve in?

23:00 How are adults reacting to Vivid Vision?

25:00 What will vision therapy look like in 5 years.

27:30 What will it take for insurance companies to cover vision therapy?

30:00 Final thoughts and how to stay in touch with Dr. Talaber.

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