Vivid Vision June 2021 Update

Your June 2021 update is here


Data Protection

As part of our continued commitment to bringing you secure, HIPAA-compliant software, we’ve added a login step to the Vivid Vision software. Simply type in your user ID and password when you launch Vivid Vision. Need help remembering your ID or password? We’ve got you covered. Simply click to retrieve your user ID and reset your password, or send our support team a message at 

Patient Management

You can now easily remove a patient from your software by archiving the patient then clicking the new Delete Patient button.

Need to edit a patient’s name? You can now easily do this from your Clinical Dashboard in the software or on the web. Click the Patients option, then locate the patient you would like to edit and use the Patient Information option to edit the username or other fields.

Updates to Current Tests! 

We’ve expanded our VR testing option to include some new tests.

Prism Tuner! 

Prism Tuner is a new test that uses a combination of dissociated then associated testing to estimate a starting point for Virtual Prism. This test replaces the legacy Angles test. During the test, a patient completes a series of dissociated Maddox rod-esque trials.

These trials help estimate vertical, cyclo, and horizontal deviations, and are followed by a series of associated trials that uses variable amounts of horizontal prism. The goal is to provide the minimal amount of virtual prism necessary for a patient. 

You can import the results of the most recent Prism Tuner test by using the new Load Prism Tuner Results button.

Vergence Range! 

Similar to the in-clinic test, the Vergence Range test challenges a patient’s horizontal and/or vertical fusion ability in VR. The test can be customized to alter the Horizontal Demand Order to test either BI or BO prism first, as well as the testing distance. We recommend the default distance (200cm) to start.

Vergence Facility! 

Vergence Facility estimates how many cycles of horizontal convergence and divergence a patient can make in 30 or 60 seconds. You can alter the amount of Virtual Prism during the test to customize the Vergence Facility test to the patient’s ability. A unique feature is an option for a Stereo version of the test.

The Stereo stimulus (shown above) is best used for patients with moderate or better stereo ability, as this two-alternative forced-choice method makes the test more objective. The Flat Fusion stimulus is similar to the clinical version of vergence facility.

Updates to Current Tests! 

We’ve also applied the following updates to current tests.


Our Stereoacuity test has been updated to include a Use Patient Prism option. You can now test a patient’s stereo ability in VR both with and without virtual prism.


The Deviation test has been updated to offer testing distances of 600, 200, and 40cm. This is a dissociated estimate of a patient’s phoric or tropic posture.


The Angles test has been officially phased out with this update. We encourage you to use the new Prism Tuner test to estimate a starting point for a patient’s Virtual Prism setting.

New Languages!

We’re excited to announce the support of Chinese (Simplified), Slovak, and Portuguese languages in the Clinical and Home programs.

Additional Program Modifications:

Game Time Default

The default Game Time for all Games has been updated to 5 minutes (previously 10 minutes). Note that this will only affect patients created after this update. 

Help Tab

The Help tab on our software has been updated to make it easier for you to submit a support request. Simply fill out the form on the Help tab to create a support request and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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