Witnessing the Most Exciting Time to be Involved in Vision Therapy with Dr. Susan Barry

"Vision Therapy Patients need to speak up more." -Dr Susan Barry

Welcome to our final episode in the 4 part mini series with Dr. Susan Barry, a neuro biologist and the author of Fixing my Gaze. Come learn and explore with us! 

Show Notes

1:00 The role of brain imaging in discovering the most effective methods of treatment.

6:45 Dr. Barry's thought on the role of vision therapy in traumatic brain

10:00 Combining 3D audio with Vivid Vision and it's impact on the binocular neurons.

15:10 Dr. Barry's hopes and dreams for the future of vision therapy.

17:30 "Vision therapy patients need to speak up more"

Thanks to Dr. Barry for joining us on the show. Keep in touch with her with the links below.

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