A conversation with the UVEA Clinic, an early provider of Vivid Vision.

Welcome to the Vivid Vision Spotlights podcast. On this episode we check in with the UVEA Clinic, one of the first clinics to become a Vivid Vision provider! We are joined by Michal Krasnansky an optometrist at UVEA and Matej Borik UVEA's marketing manager. 

Show Notes

2:00 What does the state of vision therapy and optometry look like in Slovakia?
3:30 What will it take expand vision therapy in Slovakia?
5:00 How UVEA came in contact with VR and Vivid Vision in the first place.
6:40 Why would UVEA give Vivid Vision a try?
7:00 Vivid Vision's effect on the practice.
8:45 Amblyopic soccer player saw great improvement thanks to VT and VV. 
13:00 What are the best and worst things about Vivid Vision?
16:40 What will the future of vision therapy look like?
17:30 Final thoughts
Thanks very much to Mattej and Michal for coming on the show. 
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