EYEBAB vision therapy software now available through Vivid Vision

The team here at Vivid Vision is proud to announce our agreement with the Denmark-based company, EYEBAB, for distribution of the EYEBAB vision therapy software in the United States and Canada. We see this partnership as a great step toward offering more vision therapy solutions to more providers and their patients. 

EYEBAB in Billund, Denmark reaches an agreement on distribution in the USA and Canada

Press release 26th November, 2020

Eyebab logoThe Billund-based company EYEBAB, which specializes in developing vision training apps and solutions for people who, among other things, experience difficulties following a concussion, has entered into a distribution agreement with the American company Vivid Vision with headquarters in San Francisco.

The new agreement means that EYEBAB's recognized vision training platform will now be available in the US and Canadian distribution and will be made available to Vivid Vision's large professional network worldwide.

Vivid Vision primarily collaborates and distributes its products to optometrists and vision training clinics in the United States and Canada, and the agreement thus gives EYEBAB an unique position and visibility in the US and Canadian market for vision-related issues. Like EYEBAB, Vivid Vision are specialists in developing digital tools that, among other things, help people with vision and concentration difficulties to train their vision via e.g. virtual reality and 3D technology.

Functional Optometrist, partner, and vision expert Thomas Kirkfeldt from EYEBAB, says about the new agreement:

"The new agreement with Vivid Vision is a huge step for EYEBAB in our ambition to distribute our digital vision training platform to a very wide range of optometrists and their patients around the world. The new collaboration is yet another seal of approval in EYEBAB's revolutionary development of digital tools for vision training, with a focus on being able to help people through motivating and measurable tools based on virtual technology. We are incredibly pleased that a player as large as Vivid Vision chooses to include EYEBAB's digital concept in their distribution to their many customers in the USA and Canada." 

Thomas Kirkfeldt expects that the new agreement with Vivid Vision will be a game changer in terms of making EYEBAB even more visible internationally.

https://www.seevividly.com/images/EYEBAB_product_image.pngEYEBAB was established in 2014 and has since the very beginning, worked on developing and digitizing the company's portfolio of apps, and digital tools, which for example are used for the training of consensus, reaction time, concentration, endurance, and memory.

EYEBAB's customers consist of the professional elite within vision training and Functional Optometry. Via EYEBAB's online vision training platform, opticians offer their patients, who may experience visual challenges, professional and motivating tasks. Via EYEBAB's platform, patients can work on the improvement and rehabilitation of their concentration, work ability after e.g. a traffic accident or the like, that could have an impact on their quality of life.

You can try one of EYEBAB's apps for yourself, which focuses on concentration skills and overview. Try via this link - https://eyebab.com/Play?appId=12

For more information on how to get started with EYEBAB if you are US or Canada based, please contact Vivid Vision https://www.seevividly.com/ .

For all other inquiries, from the rest of the world, please contact EYEBAB:

Phone: +45 77 34 77 36
Email: mail@eyebab.com
EYEBAB ApS, Aastvej 10B, 7190 Billund, Denmark

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