Diplopia in the Optometry Clinic

At Wow Vision

Our Advising Doctor, Tuan Tran, just posted this amazing video from our first beta test clinic at Wow Vision Therapy in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Wow Vision Therapy is one of the top vision therapy clinics in the nation. A big thanks to Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for helping us test out the system. If you happen to live in the area and are interested in using the software please contact them and ask them about it. Dr. Fortenbacher also has a great vision therapy blog, The Wow Vision Blog, that you should check out if you are interested in vision therapy.

In The Clinic

This our first step towards getting the software in optometry clinics nationwide. We will have more beta test sites coming over the next month or two, so if you've been waiting to try Diplopia, stay updated for when one becomes available in your area!


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