7 lessons and highlights from our first Reddit AMA of 2016

Hello! We want to send out a huge thanks to everyone in the community that came out to ask questions on our Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). James and Tuan had a lot fun reading through your comments and answering your questions! We’re truly inspired by the amount of passion we found in the comment thread and we hope to continue working hard to go above and beyond your expectations.

For those who might need some clarification on Reddit. Reddit is a collection of internet forums or subreddits. There is a popular subreddit called r/AMA (Ask Me Anything) where people get to ask others anything they want.

 The AMA gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about what worries, excites, and instills curiosity in you. We’ve taken a step back to analyze and dissect the results of the AMA in order to share the most notable and relevant highlights to those who’ve might have missed it or for anyone interested in our Post AMA thoughts.

Here are the top 7 things we learned.

  1. Based on the most upvoted comment, it seems like people really want to know whether Dr. Tran is a man of action. Well, we’re happy to confirm that Dr. Tran is a true man of action, fighting the ails of bad vision all across the planet.
  2. Our second most upvoted comment was an inquiry on the cost of the in home version of our product line up. We think price is an important factor and we’re still determining final numbers that also take into account the pairing with a binocular vision specialist that will oversee use of the software. We’re very cognizant of price sensitivities and we’re actively looking to strike the right balance in affordability and quality.
  3. We’ve learned that there is great interests in finding out the mechanism by which Vivid Vision works. Dr. Tran answers this question thoroughly so we recommend you check out his response right here : http://bit.ly/1U0JQB1. Simple put, Vivid Vision is rewiring the brain so that it can regain back proper use of binocular vision. Our treatments involve binocular vision games that are closely monitored by a trained eye professional.
  4. A question on whether anyone has reported adverse effects had a fair amount of upvotes. We’re happy to report that no one has reported any adverse side effects.
  5. There is curiosity on which VR platform we will be supporting. As of now we can announce that we will be supporting the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR with plans to work with PlayStation VR and later generations of Google Cardboard in the future. 
  6. People want to know which countries we are shipping to. The specifics have not yet been determined but once the information is available it will be gladly made public. We are certainly shipping to other countries, stay tuned for more details.
  7. Commenters are unsure whether the Vivid Vision software will work for them medically or not. At this point we can say that if you only need to be treated for Amblyopia and/or Strabismus, research has shown that we are having success in the recovery process. However, due to the complicated nature that comes when dealing with ailments of human vision, experience and success may vary from individual to individual. Our plan is to provide as much useful information as possible, whether it be through more blog posts, expert interviews and a whole myriad of other content channels; so that you can be armed with the tools to hopefully better your vision.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. If you have any questions, comments or concerns get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you! We’re looking forward to our next AMA!

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