Medicine Meets Virtual Reality with Howard Rose

Vivid Vision Spotlights are a series of talks and conversations with experts and patients standing at the vanguard of vision science and virtual reality.

On this episode we are joined by Howard Rose, a founder in Deepstream VR. Come learn with us about virtual reality in other areas of medicine. We'll explore the different applications and we take a closer look at what lies ahead for the medical VR field.

Subject time line:

4: A quick background on Howard Rose's work.

1:00 What does VR provide that other tools cannot?

4:00 Where does the skepticism for VR come from? How does Howard address it?

6:00 What can be achieved if VR is more widely adopted in the realm of health care?

9:00 What's happening to the brain at a neuro logical level when someone is immersed in VR?

13:50 Where are the limits of VR as a medical tool?

16:00 Does medical progress transfer over from VR to real life?

20:00 What other tools or technologies will VR intersect to become more effective in the realm of medicine.

23:00 What can be done to accelerate the pace of adoption?

25:00 Bringing VR systems to hospitals.

28:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks very much to Howard for sharing his time and thoughts with us. You can stay in touch with the links below:

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