Examining the amblyopic brain, vision therapy vs surgeries and more with Dr. Susan Barry.

Vivid Vision Spotlights are a series of talks and conversations with experts and patients standing at the vanguard of vision science.We probe deep into their stories and experiences using Vivid Vision, living with vision ailments and more.

Welcome to part 3 of a very special installment of the Vivid Vision spotlights podcast! Our guest on this occasion will be the legendary Susan Barry, another wise known as stereo Sue, she is a neuro biologist and the author of "Fixing my gaze". It was truly an honor to have Dr. Barry on the show, she covered a wide range of subjects including when vision therapies fails, a neurological overview of amblyopia and much more!

Show notes

You can listen to part 1 and part 2 of the audio podcast by clicking the links at bottom of the show notes.

1:30 When is vision therapy not successful? What are the different reasons for failed treatments?

6:00 What is happening neurologically for someone with amblyopia?

12:00 Is synaptic pruning involved in the process of patients not developing their binocular vision system?

13:30 Surgeries vs. vision therapy

Thanks again to Dr. Barry for coming on the show, you can get in touch with Dr. Barry with the links below.

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